Police suspect that the person who alerted police to threats being made against Cambridge schools was likely the one behind the threats to begin with.
They also believe the suspect is a student.
“Investigators are beginning to think the person who reported the first threat is actually responsible for all three,” investigators told parents at a meeting on Sunday,WCVB reported. “And since that first message complained of too much homework, police are leaning toward it being a student.”
Despite this lead, investigators face the challenge of finding the person behind the emails due to what investigators mysteriously refer to as “the dark web” but are, more or less, just encryption tools.
“Increasing use of encryption technology makes it very hard to trace back,” assistant special agent Kieran Ramsey told concerned parents. “The anonymizing software makes it very, very challenging, if not in some cases impossible.”
Investigators told parents that they would no loger engage with the suspect sending the emails and that security would remain on campuses on Monday.
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