Quincy PD tweeted this pic Sunday as part of what appears to be a new campaign to tweQuincy PD

Quincy police are preparing to fill your Twitter feed with pics of on-the-road rule-breakers next month.

Followers of the QPD account (@quincymapolice), which at the time numbered 7,784, got the first taste of the new online campaign Sunday afternoon.

The first image was of two men riding in the back of a Toyota pick-up, riding on what appears to be a highway, sitting under what appears to be a pile of construction gear.

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“Do you know the penalty for this?” the tweeter(s) at QPD asked. “Follow us in September! We’ll be tweeting MV violations w/ the fine. THIS is illegal!”

No one was available to take calls at the police department Sunday afternoon, so we’re not exactly sure what the penalty is. I guess we have to stay tuned?

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According to state law, though, you can’t ride in the back of a pickup at speeds greater than 5 mph and/or more than 5 miles at a time. Truck bed-riding is illegal in the state all the time for kids under 12.

The rules are tougher in Quincy, it looks like. “No person shall ride upon any portion of a vehicle not designed or intended for use of passengers,”according to a city ordinance.

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