The same species of plant at the New York Botanical Gardens NY Botanical Gardens

Local flower lovers are in for a rare sensory treat.

The Franklin Park Zoo is preparing for the blooming of its “corpse flower” specimen, which is expected to unleash its funky stench on the world sometime Tuesday or Wednesday.

The flower, known to scientists as titan arum, goes years between short-lived blooms, which last only 24 to 48 hours, according to zoo officials.

Experts at the park described the titan arum as a “very sensitive” species, requiring specific conditions in order to bloom. When they do, the plants are noted for their rapid growth: sometimes reaching 4 to 5 inches a day. At their peak, the plant can bloom as high as nine feet tall and six feet across.


And then, of course, there’s the namesake scent, described as being similar to a rotting, dead body.

Curiosity-seekers can keep an eye on the Franklin Park Zoo’s Twitter account (@zoonewengland) to see when the bloom begins and take in the excitement for themselves.

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