Red Bull announces the weirdo teams they picked for Boston's first Flugtag

A hotdog launcher, an ode to the MBTA and a flying butt joke are among competitors in homemade flying machine contest.

The official list of the oddballs who will be soaring off a platform into the Charles River this summer has been released.


The 30 teams selected to take part in the Red Bull Flugtag competition on Aug. 20 — picked from among 200 applicants — are now listed on the energy drink company's website. They were also unveiled in a ceremony at the Boston pub M.J. O’Connor’s on Thursday night.


The crop of competitors who made the cut represent a wide swath of New England eccentrics, Red Bull said in a press release.


“Team members include (but are not limited to) teachers, architects, engineers, carpenters, mechanics, students, slackers, salesmen, and hell, even bloggers,” the release reads. “Craft designs range from duck boats (shocker), Boston sports references (even more of a shocker), all the way to a selfie-stick…yes a selfie-stick. 2016 will truly be the year that Boston writes itself into the history books of flight. “


A group planning an ode to the MBTA called “Breakdown Charlie” and a hotdog launching crew calling itself “The Flying Franks” are among those who will be competing for the top prize this summer.

According to Red Bull's website counting down the month and a half until the event, Flugtag (flying day in German) "challenges the brave and brainy to design, build and pilot homemade flying machines off a 28-foot high flight deck in hopes of soaring into the wild blue yonder … or more often, plunging into the waters below."

Competitors are scored based on how far they fly, how creative their design is, and on the caliber of a choreographed dance number they perform before takeoff.

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Even Barstool Sports, the notorious mega-blog, has a team: The “Barstool Pirates.”

“Often referred to as the pirate ship of the internet, Captain Davey Pageviews has long been navigating Barstoolsports through the tumultuous waters of the online blogging game,” reads their team’s description. “The Barstool pirate ship finally comes to life!”

Also among those who will be competing is an Egyptian-themed crew Metro wrote about earlier this month.

The team, a cheeky, anatomy-referencing group once called “Sphinxtor” (as in, Sphynx meets sphincter), has apparently been asked to change their name.

According to team leader Alex Ezorsky, they will now be known as “What Sphinx?” (as in, “what stinks,” in case you didn’t catch that).

“It’s the same plan, it’s the same structure, just a different butt joke,” Ezorsky said.

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