Some residents stroll past a typical Allston Christmas display in 2014 Nicolaus Czarnecki/Metro

It’s the most wonderful time of the year — ish.


Boston’s annual Allston Christmas is set to begin this week, as young people move in — and out — of the largely student neighborhood.


To celebrate, mods at Boston’s subreddit are organizing an informal “Allston Christmas photo contest” to find the picture that “best captures the essence of our most unique smelling holiday.”


“As I looked out my front window this morning above a street lined with massive piles of garbage, it got me thinking. We should celebrate this time of year instead of lamenting it,” poster derp_derp_derp wrote. “Let's see your best Allston Christmas themed photos from this year: Triple parked U-Hauls in oncoming traffic, mountains of broken Ikea, bed bugs rioting in the streets.”


Participants can submit photos to the thread, where users can vote for their favorite through the website’s upvoting system. Each entry’s total votes will be hidden from users until the winner is announced.


Photo galleries and multiple entries are all kosher, but no animated images — such as videos or GIFs — will be allowed.

The cut-off for submissions is 11:59 p.m., Eastern Standard Time, on Monday, Sept. 5.

Oh, and before you get too excited: first and second place winners will receive a month of free Reddit Gold, a paid subscription service offered by the website.

“But more importantly,” derp_derp_derp writes, “the honor and prestige that come with winning a small local subreddit’s trash beauty pageant.”

Good luck!