OK Showcase, you have our attention.SPENCER BUELL/METRO

Boston-area movie lovers will soon get to smell and feel their favorite flicks.

A funky and mysterious softball-size box showed up at the Metro office on Tuesday. Inside, a cardboard movie recline, asingle piece of popcorn and an invite to see Jurassic World in 4D.

"You may have seen this summer's blockbuster film," the miniature "box" press announcement said, "but you've never seen it like this!"

The Showcase Cinema De Lux in Revereis just about ready to open up its immersive experience theatre. The cinema is the soon-to-be home of the first 4D Motion EFX theatre on the East Coast.


The movie theater is gearing up to offer “moving seats, air/water blasts, leg ticklers, fog, scents and other special effects for an exciting and realistic movie-going experience.”

Maybe you’re thinking the movie-going experience is exciting (and pricey) enough. Or maybe the idea of getting air/water-blasted or leg-tickled has you all in a cinematic tizzy.

Either way, we appreciate the effort on the part of the movie execs and we’re totally going to check this out.

When can you get a taste of the smell-a-rific world of escaped dinosaurs? A theatre spokesperson told Metro that tickets could go on sale anytime in the next week.

The first 4D theatre in the country opened in LA last year, and it kind of looks like a blast, although this video from MediaMation, the designer behind the 70-seat theater, begs the question: how much sloshing around of soda and slushie is too much?