A man examines wreckage following a Revere tornado in July 2014.Nicolaus Czarnecki, Metro

Victims of July's devastating EF2 tornado will soon start receiving money to help cover the costs of repairs to their property.

The Revere Tornado Relief Fund on Monday announced a timetable for the distribution of $250,000 to 150 applicants.

On July 28, for the first time in 64 years, a tornado tore through a Suffolk County community, bringing wind gusts of 120 miles-per-hour and leaving a 2-mile path of destruction. No major injuries or fatalities were reported, however it damaged 65 structures and left 13 buildings uninhabitable.

The funds will be distributed next week, accordingtoRevere Mayor Dan Rizzo.


“Revere truly came together as a community and has helped raise significant funds to support this effort over the past five months" Mayor Daniel Rizzo said in a statement. "I am also deeply grateful to the over 700 residents and business that donated to the Fund.”

The fund wasstarted on August 11 at Rizzo's direction to help residents most affected by the tornado. Fund organizers said the money is meant to "help satisfy their personal unmet, immediate and short terms needs not covered by government programs or other traditional forms of assistance."

“We know that the amount of monies that we have at our disposal cannot begin to fully compensate people for their losses due to the tornado, but we are heartened to know that their burdens will be lightened during this holiday season.” said Gerry Leone, who heads up the Revere Tornado Relief Fund.

Rizzo's statement originally said the fund has raised over a half million dollars. It was unclear what would become of the remaining undistributed funds - which total $250,000. When asked about the gap, Rizzo's office said "It was a mistake. Just a quarter million" was raised.