The statue has been floating over downtown Boston since May.METRO FILE

It hung there all summer long like a Technicolor jellyfish, but soon it will be gone.


Janet Echelman's" As If It Were Already Here," the hanging string-based artwork that straddles the Rose Kennedy Greenway, suspended by cables attached to buildings in the Financial District, was set to come down on Sunday.

Echelman was on the Greenway for a goodbye ceremony Tuesday night. The end is bittersweet, she said.

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"I embrace the temporary nature of this work," she said. "It's been a real pleasure."

The Brookline artist has hung similarly stringy works in cities around the world.

She told Metro she would preserve the piece, and said it could re-emerge in Boston sometime in the future.

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"If people want it to come back again, it can come back again," she said.

Decommissioning the piece was shaping up to be a process. Expect road closures and detours downtown as crane-wielding crews slowly bring the sculpture to the ground. Work was scheduled 2 a.m. through 9 p.m.

Meanwhile, check out this footage of a drone flying up and around the sculpture:

Drone Soars Over Echelman Sculpture on Boston's Greenway from Above Summit on Vimeo.

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