A private security guard keeping tabs on the MBTA’s money counting center has been suspended after WCVB News obtained a photo of the man that seems to show he was asleep on the job.

The image shows what appears to be a G4S Security guard snoozin’ it up in the middle of the workday, leaning back in his chair with hands comfortably resting in his bulletproof vest as a desk fan hums nearby.

That man was later suspended for the infraction, the company told the station.


G4S was hired by the MBTA to take over responsibility for guarding a money room at an agency facility in Charlestown. There, employees collect and count about $200 million a year.

That role was previously carried out by Transit Police,but was privatized in June.

"The MBTA holds all of our vendors and employees to the highest standard, and this contract allows us to address the incident in a way an employee governed by collective bargaining does not," a statement from the MBTA provided to the station read. "This incident reinforces the importance of the T partnering with a professional money room operator.”

The new arrangement also requires one Transit Police officer be on scene at the money room each shift. The officer on duty at the time the photo was taken was also removed, because he left his post during his shift and didn’t report his sleeping colleague, the report said.

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