Authories allege a 16-year-veteran of the force assaulted an Uber driver around 2:45 Reuters/Sergio Perez

A Boston Police officer has been placed on administrative leave after being charged with assaulting an Uber driver this weekend.

Authorities allege Michael Doherty, 40, of South Boston, assaulted the driver and then commandeered the car after the driver fled the vehicle early Sunday.

Boston Police say the incident took place near E. 1st Street and Farragut Road in South Boston. The driver, according to police, alleges Doherty, a 16-year veteran of the force, began yelling at him and accusing him of trying to drop him off at the wrong location and then physically assaulted him when he stopped his car near E. 2nd and M Streets.

Both DigBoston and The Boston Globe, citing a police report, say Doherty hurled racial slurs at the driver during the incident.


The driver escaped from his car while Doherty got into the front seat and drove off.

The Uber driver, flagged down a passing motorist, and followed the victim to E. 1st Street and Farragut Road where Doherty stopped, got out of the Uber car and fled before police arrived. Doherty was later identified, located and arrested.

Doherty is expected to be arraigned in South Boston municipal court Monday. He is on administrative leave pending the outcome of the charges filed against him.

The Boston Police Anti-Corruption Unit is reviewing the facts and circumstances surrounding that incident.

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