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Spring Craft Beer Fest comes to Cyclorama next month

Get thirsty.
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Fact: Craft beer is delicious.

Fact: Craft beer almost always has a higher alcohol content than your typical tap brew.

Fact: Going to an all-you-can-drink craft beer fest might lead to some questionably boozy behavior.

Fact: You’re probably going to do it anyway.


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The Spring Craft Beer Fest will kick off April 3rd at the Boston Center for the Arts, bringing together a tremendous list of craft breweries (and their likeminded friends — hi, Zico coconut water and Krave jersey!) from the area and afar. Guests will be treated to taste-size, but not tiny pours and snacks from other Boston-bred vendors. Participants include the likes of Somerville’s Aeronaut Brewing Co., Martha’s Vineyard’s Bad Martha and Uinta from Salt Lake City, UT.

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Sessions are a sweet three hours each with tastings at noon to 3 p.m. and 4 to 7 p.m. Snag a ticket for $49 at bostoneventguide.com.

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