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Looking to shake up your routine? There may be no better way to regain your zen than finding yourself one with nature. Yoga classes get amplified when they come with a coastal view and a fresh breeze ... just don't forget your anchor.


SUP Yoga hosts a few outdoor events, including early evening classes on Tuesday at For Pont Pier in Boston Harbor and on Wednesdays at Hart Pond in Chelmsford. In case you were wondering, SUP stands for stand-up paddle boarding, meaning you’ll be doing your 65-minutes of yoga on a much more mobile mat than you’re used to.

SUP says paddleboarding and yoga go hand-in-hand —both require balance, concentration and a solid core — but encourage attendees to anticipate some rocking and sloshing as they float through their sun salutations. Oh, and you should probably know how to swim.


Classes include a board, paddle, life jacket and anchor rental and range $35-$40 based on location.

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