Stand with Ahmed at clock-building event for kids in Cambridge

A local library is teaching children about technology through a lesson on clocks on Oct. 24.
Ahmed Mohamed became an overnight celebrity this year after being arrested at his TexCambridge Public Library

Ahmed Mohamed became an overnight celebrity last month when the clock-building 14-year-old was taken from his Texas high school in handcuffs. His teachers, remember, suspected his clock might be a bomb.


The incident inspired a social media-fueled conversation about racial and religious prejudice.In less than a month, he'sbeen lauded by national leaders, attracted more than 113,000 followers on Twitter and an invite from a postdoctoral fellow to visit MIT, his "dream school."


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Now, another Cambridge institution is honoring the young "tinkerer." The Cambridge Public Library announced it's hosting a "Stand with Ahmed" clock-building workshop on Oct. 24.


Participants in dual workshops at 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. will get the chance to build clock circuits using tech teaching tools called littleBits, according to a release.The new experiment-friendly gadgets are a recent addition to the library.

"Science and technology are the currency of our city. We’re thrilled to offer this opportunity to our budding tinkerers," said Libraries Director Susan Flannery in a statement.

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Kids 10 to 18 are invited to attend. Online registration opened Oct. 5. To sign up, email Communications Librarian Luke

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