The Massachusetts State Police announced that they would step up their presence in Brockton following a slew of violence.

The MSP usually conduct uniformed assistance to the Brockton Police will increase their activities to help combat the recent spike in violence in the city. The Community Action Team will work high-visibility operations in parts of the city where violence has been reported.

“We have traditionally worked with our partners in the Brockton Police Department to help protect the people who live, work and raise their families in the city,” State Police Superintendent Col. Timothy P. Alben said in a statement posted on the MSP blog. “This effort is an extension of that partnership and will help set the tone that street violence will not be tolerated by the Brockton Police and the State Police.”

In addition to helping law enforcement and deterring criminal activity, the State Police will share information on gang activity and firearms with Brockton Police. The State Police Gang Unit usually works along side Brockton detectives and will extend their operations and will attend neighborhood crime watch and community meetings in the immediate future.