State police are warning people about a phone scam. Creative Commons

State Police are warning Massachusetts residents about a phone scam in which the caller claims to be an officer.


During the con the caller claims to be an officer from the Internal Revenue Service or "some other agency" and says they are calling to inform the person that an arrest warrant "has been issued under your name," officials said.


The caller then asks for personal or financial information or, if leaving a voicemail, for the recipient to call them back.


The scam is similar to others that officials have seen in the past, police said. The specific number the caller is using is 424-293-7615, authorities said but they warn that it can be any number.


"Please note that this is a complete fraud," state police said online."No law enforcement agency or any other agency or third-party would call someone to tell them that an arrest warrant has issued, and any administrative contact the IRS would have with a taxpayer would not be conducted in this manner."


Police urge anyone who gets a call similar to this to not give out personal information and to end the call or ignore the message.