Emergency responders transported adults and children to a Boston Hospital after thWikimedia Commons

Six adults and one studentwere transported to a Boston hospital as a precaution Monday morning after a battery charger overheated and released a vapor into the air at the Manville School, fire officials said.

"There is no expectation that anyone will be admitted," fire department spokesman Steven MacDonald said. "It's just to get checked out."

A second student chose not to ride in an ambulance, but also went to the hospital for further testing after talking with emergency responders.

MacDonald said firefighters were called to the school around 9:30 a.m. whenstudents and adults reported feelings of nausea after trying to cool down an external battery charger that had overheated and sparked. Maintenance workers brought the electronic to a restroom and doused it in water, where it emitted a vapor, causing the symptoms.


About 150 students in kindergarten through grade 10attend the private Manville School, a therapeutic day school for students with emotional, neurological or learning difficulties. MacDonald said students were not at risk at any time.

"There was no damage or evacuation. It was all pretty well contained," he said.

Hazmat techs evaluated air quailty and determined there was no threat to students.

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