The corner of West Elm Street and Warren AvenGoogle Maps

A man walking down a sidewalk in Brockton on Thursday morning was killed when an SUV driver hit the gas while parking her vehicle.


Around 8 a.m. near the corner of West Elm Street and Warren Avenue, a female attorney trying to park her Mercedes SUV by the Brockton District Court lost control and accelerated rapidly in reverse, CBS Boston reported.


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The SUV traveled 60 yards over two embankments, through bushes and across a road before striking a pedestrian on West Elm Street, The Enterprise reported. The SUV dragged the man into a nearby parking lot before it came to a stop when it struck a building.


The victim, believed to be homeless, later died at Brockton Hospital, CBS Boston added.

Authorities closed a portion of West Elm Street around the Elmcourt Hotel after the incident, the Enterprise stated.

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The SUV driver stayed at the scene as authorities investigated, according to CBS Boston.