Workes shovel out the Red Line in Quincy on Monday.

Nicolaus Czarnecki/Metro

The T will continue to run on Tuesday, but service will be limited, with shuttle buses substituting stretches of some subway lines.

The Red Line will run between Alewife and Andrew, with limited shuttles on the line’s southern branches to Ashmont and Braintree.

The Orange Line will run from Sullivan to Back Bay, with limited shuttles service on the Oak Grove To Sullivan and Back Bay to Forest Hills stretches.

The Green Line will continue to operate between Kenmore and Lechmere with limited trolley service in both directions on the D branch. The 57 bus will make stops between Packards Corner and Kenmore, and limited shuttle service will run between Cleveland Circle and Kenmore.


The 39 bus will make stops between Northeastern and Heath Street along the E branch.

The Blue Line will be in service between Wonderland and Bowdoin. The Mattapan Trolley Line service will remain suspended for the day. The Silver Line is expected to be hampered with delays.

Commuters are to expect significant delays and cancellations on commuter rail.