Worlds collide at DAYBREAKER when yoga, live music and a Beach Party-inspired rave take over the Foundation Room on Tuesday morning. The dynamic blend of wellness, energy and fun begins at 6 a.m. for a three-hour wake-up call you definitely won't snooze through.

Conceived as a way to begin the day with vitality and intention, DAYBREAKER has been hosting health-driven dance parties since 2013 when New York-based founders, Radha Agrawal and Matthew Brimer, envisioned a sober, line-free version of the city’s nightclub scene. What began as a small experiment has expanded into a thriving global community with events in New York, San Francisco, D.C., Miami, Toronto, Paris and London.

Boston-based yogi Izzy VanHall will lead next week’s beach-themed session and with her down-to-earth attitude and extensive training, she’s excited to return to DAYBREAKER for the third time.

“I didn’t totally know what to expect," she says of her first time teaching for the event. "I didn’t know how many people would show up for yoga at 6 a.m.” But despite the early wake-up call, tickets still sold out.

She expects that the same will happen this year, especially because the yoga session is open to all abilities. “I teach as though there are all levels in the room,” VanHall adds. “Anyone can get something out of it.”

After a meditative hour on the mats, the event transforms into an early morning rave experience, encouraging guests to sweat on the dance floor while VanHall and her partner Ray Borg will perform acro-yoga. DJ JaminicandKeytar Bear will provide the tunes.

“The dance is wild. Last time I had these paint markers and I just painted on a bunch of people,” VanHall says. “That was my chance to connect with people one-on-one. We may only have that one small connection, but those are the really special moments for me.”

Smoothies and other beachy snacks will be served before clients head off to work — because it's Tuesday, after all — and hopefully, carrying the energy and good vibes from their morning dance party throughout the day.

“When I think about DAYBREAKER, I want people to leave feeling like anything is possible,” says VanHall. “Everyone there is looking to find a sense of freedom.”

If you go:
June 14 at 6 to 9 a.m.
House of Blues Foundation Room
15 Lansdowne Street
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