Hundreds wait at Kenmore Square for shuttle buses this morning after delays snarleNicolaus Czarnecki/Metro

The T was a nightmare this morning, with severe delays plaguing all subway and commuter rail lines.

Severe delays continued to trouble the Blue, Orange, Red and Green lines into late morning.

Shuttle buses replaced Green Line service for stretches, including theB, C, D branches between Kenmore and Arlington stops and between Prudential and Arlington on the E.

MBTA spokesman Joe Pesaturo explained the delays by saying “the recent weather conditions have wreaked havoc with our decades old equipment.”


“A week of constant exposure to frigid temperatures, ice, and record snowfall has taken a major toll on the MBTA's vehicles and infrastructure,” he said through a statement. “Rail service, particularly on the Red Line and Commuter Rail, will be severely impacted. Due to a shortage of fully functioning subway cars, customers are asked to consider an alternative to the Red Line today.”

The Boston Globe reported that about 40 percent of all Red and Orange Line cars are disabled because of mechanical reasons due to the recent severe weather.

Gov . Charlie Baker has called the delays “unacceptable” and said he plans to meet with MBTA General Manager Beverly Scott soon.

“We will continue to work closely with (Transportation Secretary Stephanie Pollack) and General Manager Beverly Scott to monitor the T, especially the Red Line, during today’s frigid temperatures and snow cleanup efforts,” he said through a statement. “I also plan to meet with Dr. Scott soon to discuss ways to improve service and better serve our communities that rely on the T to get to and from work. It's unacceptable for commuters to experience these delays, but we ask everyone to be patient and plan ahead, checking for scheduling alerts throughout the day.”

In Central Square this morning, some Red Line commuters waited for 40 minutes to board subway cars into town. The cars came infrequently and those that did come could not accommodate the large crowds that had formed on the platform. In Kenmore Square, hundreds weathered frigid temperatures at the bus stop that is above the Green Line station after that line’s four branches experienced significant delays.

This morning’s hellish commute comes after delays complicated the Monday evening commute, with significant delays hampering Red Line service as more than a foot of snow was dumped on the region.

Last week, a mechanical problem emitted smoke at a Quincy Center Red Line stop, prompting some riders to kick out the windows of a subway car to get out. That caused significant delays as well. Gov . Baker said he was disappointed with the T’s reaction to that incident — an MBTA spokesman had issued a statement saying there was no need to kick out the windows. The MBTA ultimately apologized for its handling of the matter.

Locals were less than impressed this morning:

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