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Thousands 'light up' to support pot legalization ballot measure

A large crowd gathered at Boston Common for this year's Freedom Rally.
Thousands of people gathered at Boston Common for the Freedom Rally.Creative Commons

Thousands gathered in Boston over the weekend to “light up” and stand up for a ballot measure that would legalize the recreational use of marijuana in Massachusetts.

The Freedom Rally crew a large crowd Saturday to Boston Common.

The city attempted to block the rally, but a superior court judge granted an emergency order allowing it to take place.

Organizers of the rally told NBC in Boston they have been fighting with the city over the freedom festival for 27 years.


"They've done whatever they possibly could to stop our organization from freely assembling and speaking on Boston Common we have had to sue them six times and we have won six times and the city keeps doing this time and time again," William Downing of theMassachusetts Cannibis Reform Coalition said. "We are sure it's because they don't like our message."

Question 4, scheduled to appear on the Nov. 8 ballot, would legalize recreational marijuana in Massachusetts.
Should it pass, marijuana would be taxed and regulated similar to alcohol. Anyone over 21 could grow it, use it and possess it legally.

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