Today, Tinder— the app that claims to be more than a dating app — released Boston’s most right-swiped jobs.

Tinder, which touts itself to be "like real life, but better," claims the third most right-swiped job for women is meteorologists. But first, we ask: just how many single, female meteorologists are there in this city, anyway?

Regardless, it seems that users aren’t as superficial as one may have thought. People are not only swiping because of image, but because of intellect too — with chemist and doctor coming in as number one for men and women, respectively.

It seems “student” is a respectable eighth-most-favored job for men, but not so much for women — not even making the top ten. In a college-clad city and an app popular among youth, one begins to wonder what the percentages of honesty on these types of apps are.


With Valentine’s season approaching, what career are you claiming? Did your real job make the cut? Check below.

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