Apparently, Tinder wants you to swipe right for more than just a date next Friday. This time, they'll use that oh-so-honest swipe feature to gather Super Bowl predictions via an in-app poll.

While voting remains open through Sunday, the results are currently leaning greatly towards #PatriotsNation.

For women on Tinder, 58 percent believe the Pats will win. For men, 51 percent hope the Falcons will #RiseUp.

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And just in case you were worried about Tinder distancing itself from its superficial roots, you’ll be happy to hear you can also vote on your favorite QB, your prediction of what liquid will be poured on the winning coach and whether or not Lady Gaga will pull an infamous Janet Jackson.Unshockingly, Mass. users are trending hard toward Tom Brady. Go figure!

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But — um, why is Tinder doing this?

According to Tinder, users love football Sundays, and the most popular football Sunday of this season was Nov. 27. That day, Falcons beat the Cardinals, Patriots beat the Jets, and there was a 10 percent increase in swipes compared to other football Sundays.

Make what you wish of it. See the stats below to see where your predictions fall.

Remember: “It’s like real life, but better.”

[Click for the full-size infographic.]

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