Tom Brady will appear in court again on Wednesday.Getty Images

Update: Reports now say Tom Brady will not appear in federal court Wednesday after Judge Richard Berman said it would not be necessary. The NFL and NFLPA held settlement talks Tuesday and they reportedly went "nowhere."

Tom Brady will appear in a Manhattan federal courtroomfor the second straight Wednesday,and this time, there’s a chance No. 12 will getto speak for himself in front of Judge Richard Berman.

“He needs to make a statement to vindicate his image. Other than in New England, his image is tarnished,” saidJason Bonk, a sports law expert and attorney with the lawfirm Cozen O’Conner, in an interview with Metro.“ I think that’s why he’ll be there [Wednesday]. Judge Berman knows both of the main parties, Tom Brady and Roger Goodell, will be there. So he may press them. Brady's lawyers could not allow him to get cross examined if they wanted to, but if the judge requests it I think Brady will do it and will be prepared to answer some aggressive questioning.

“Brady’s reason for showing up [Wednesday] when he doesn’t have to regards his credibility, and where he stands in the court of public opinion.”


Bonk believes Judge Berman will go hard after both the NFL and NFLPA on Wednesday.

“The judge is going to hammer both because he’s trying to make it clear that this is something that should be worked out. He’s trying to make it clear that this whole thing is a waste of resources,” Bonk said. “The judge has made it clear, he’s saying, ‘Come on guys, grow up.’”

That said, Bonk doesn’t believe thateither the NFL or NFLPA will budge and that this whole thing could very well creep into the start of the 2015 NFL season.

“The judge never took the bait with that Sept. 4 deadline date [requested by both the NFL and NFLPA],” Bonk said. “It’s highly unlikely he’ll rule [Wednesday]. It’s really unlikely that he’s had or will have a ‘come to Jesus’ moment.’”