Gisele and Tom and their kids at the beach.

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Scandal-scarred Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady is speaking out after defeating the NFL on the legal playing field and, with reports of trouble at home with model wife Gisele Bundchen, he hinted at the toll Deflategate has taken on him.


“While I am pleased to be eligible to play, I am sorry our league had to endure this. I don’t think it has been good for our sport — to a large degree, we have all lost,” he said in a late-night Facebook post.

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The first to be thanked in his statement -- his family -- with this additional cryptic elaboration: “ I am also sorry to anyone whose feelings I may have hurt as I have tried to work to resolve this situation. I love the NFL. It is a privilege to be a member of the NFL community and I will always try to do my best in representing my team and the league in a way that would make all members of this community proud.”

Bundchen and Brady also seem to be taking some very public steps to project that their marriage is not in jeopardy, as the gossip news machine has reported.

People has the exclusive photos of the retired catwalker visiting Brady at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Massachusetts -- and she appears to be carrying a bottle of bubbly.

The two were also spotted together on the streets of New York City earlier this week.

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There were reports that the Deflategate mess, in which the NFL boss accused Brady of involvement in the deliberate deflating of the balls used in the AFC Championship game, had made Brady moody -- and not the nicest guy to be around.

Brady had been suspended for four games by the football league; on Thursday, a federal judge tossed the suspension. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has vowed an appeal.

A source told People that all is fine at home for the hottest NFL couple.

“She's being a supportive wife," the source added. "Just like anybody whose husband would be going through this."

Brady is now aiming to do what he does best.

“II look forward to the competition on the playing field and I hope the attention of NFL fans can return to where it belongs — on the many great players and coaches who work so hard every week, and sacrifice so much, to make this game great. Most importantly, I look forward to representing the New England Patriots on Thursday night in our season opener. I hope to make all of our fans proud this year ... and beyond!"

Tom Brady takes to Facebook to let football fans know he's ready for the 2015 season.

Posted by NFL Network on Friday, September 4, 2015

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