People riding Hubway bikes in Boston.

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What are the busiest spots for bicycle traffic in Boston?

The city sought to answer that question and on Tuesday released a listbased on data from the Boston Transportation Department's first automated bike count in September.

The Massachusetts Avenue Bridge, near the intersection of Massachusetts Avenue and Beacon Street, saw the highest average with about 3,081 bikes passing through that area each day.

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In the past, volunteers conducted the department's annual bike counts by visiting locations throughout the city in person during peak morning and afternoon commute times.

Fully automated count systems were first installed at 24 areas in June 2016. In September, the city expanded the program to 60 locations across Boston, which monitored bicycle traffic for up to 72 hours at each spot.

"Automated counts allow us to capture bike trips taken throughout the day and in all kinds of weather,"Stefanie Seskin, BTD's active transportation director, said in a statement. "This better reflects where people are riding today and will help us to understand where they'll ride in the future."

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Across all 60 locations, the city counted an average of nearly 30,000 bike trips per day in September.

In some spots, bikes accounted for more than 15 percent of all vehicles at peak commute hours.

"Bicycling is a healthy and low-cost form of transportation and we are pleased that so many people are choosing bikes to get around the City,” Boston Transportation Commissioner Gina N. Fiandacasaid in a statement.

“We are working to make bicycling more convenient, comfortable, and accessible to people throughout Boston," she said, "and these counts will help us to track our progress and plan for future enhancements to our bicycling programs."

The top 10 locations with the highest daily average of bicycles are:

1. Massachusetts AvenueBridge south of Back Street —3,081.
2. BU Bridge north of Commonwealth Avenue —1,957.
3. Commonwealth Avenue west of Silber Way —1,571.
4. Southwest Corridor Bicycle Path south of Heath Street —1,554.
5. Longwood Avenue east of Pilgrim Road —1,348.
6. North Harvard Street south of Soldiers Field Road —1,320.
7. Columbus Avenue west of Massachusetts Avenue —1,314.
8. Brighton Avenue east of St. Lukes Road —1,063.
9. Columbus Avenue west of Holyoke Street —825.
10. Massachusetts Avenue south of Columbus Avenue —797.

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