Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump announced at a news conference Tuesday a list of 41 charities to which he's donated a total of $5.6 million.


Among those charities is Boston-based New England'sWounded Veterans. The group posted a letter to Facebook last weekfrom the Trump Organization indicating that the Donald J. Trump Foundation had enclosed a check for $75,000.


The group's founder, Andrew Biggio,told the Boston Globethat he didn't expect to see such a large donation.


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"When I opened the envelope, I thought maybe it would be a couple grand or something," Biggio, a Marine who served in Iraq and Afghanistan,said. "To see $75,000, I ran back and forth [around] the same room."

Biggio said a portion of the donation will help a young Marine travel from Virginia to Philadelphia for a double-arm transplant.

The founder told the Globe that a fellow Marine's father works as a bodyguard for Trump. The Marine, with whom Biggio had once served, asked his father to mention the nonprofit as a worthy cause.

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It wasn't long before the check arrived in the mail.

Biggio'sorganization is known for itsWounded Veterans Ride, a motorcycle ride around the country that raises funds for disabled veterans.