Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatoneis probably not voting for Donald J. Trump in November, if his reaction to the GOP nominee's immigration speech on Wednesday is any tell.


Part of Trump's plan on immigration is to defund sanctuary cities— a nonlegal term forcitiesthat have policies designednot to prosecute people solelyfor being an illegal immigrant.


Somerville, Massachusetts is a sanctuary city and has been for almost 30 years.


“If Donald Trump really wanted to learn about building communities, he wouldn’t go to Mexico — he’d come to Somerville,” Curtatonetold


Curtatonetold The Daily Beastin early August that crime is down in Somerville 41 percent. He said he owes the drop to a policy change he implementedin 1987which no longer taxed law enforcement with policing immigration violations.

“You don’t make a community safe by isolating their immigration status,” he added on

A study published in 2013 suggests that policing immigration violations makes the community scared, withdrawn and less likely to speak up when a crime has been committed.

"Many Latinos say criminals are moving into their neighborhoods, making them and their neighbors less safe, because criminals know residents are less likely to report them to police given the increased involvement of police in immigration enforcement,"the study authors wrote.

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“His so-called facts are lies,” Curtatone said, according to, referring to the GOP nominee.

In Trump's speech Wednesday night, the Republican nomineeused the story ofMaureen Maloney, whose son Matthew Denice was dragged to death by an illegal immigrant behind the wheel of a truck in 2011.

Nicolas Guzman, the Ecuadorian man convicted for the crime, is serving 12 to 14 years in prison; many feel deportation is the only acceptable sentence.

"We're all doing this to try to make it a safer country so that Americans aren't being killed by illegal aliens because every one of these deaths are preventable," Maloney told Fox25 Boston.

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"I thought if you were a billionaire, you had to have some sense or have some knowledge - I guess any idiot can run for office," Curtatone told FOX25 on Thursday, referring to the business-mogul-turned-politician.