Police were investigating a shooting in broad daylight on Huntington Avenue near Northeastern University Tuesday afternoon.

Officers found a young man near 319 Huntington Avenue at roughly 4:30 suffering from two or three gunshot wounds, Boston Police Commissioner Bill Evans told reporters. The victim has been taken to a nearby hospital, he said.

“His condition is touch and go,” Evans said. “We hope he is going to make it.”

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Two suspects in their late teens or early 20s, one of whom was wearing dark clothing, were seen fleeing the scene, Evans said, adding that police would also be reviewing surveillance footage in the area.

Police believe the victim was targeted, Evans said. He stressed police do not believe the shooting had anything to do with the university.

“Clearly someone was after him in particular,” he said. “It wasn’t a random act by any means.”

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The incident came about one week after a shooting in a nearby Stop & Shop parking lot in Mission Hill. Like Tuesday’s shooting, it happened in the daytime with plenty of bystanders around.

“When someone, as we saw a week ago, wants to target someone, unfortunately they don’t take into consideration who’s in the area,” Evans said. “It’s troubling, obviously, and we’re just fortunate no one else got hit."

People gawking at crime scene across from the Huntington YMCA. Apparently there was a shooting.

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