That seal is pretty lucky.Atlantic White Shark Conservancy/Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries

Imagine you’re a seal trying to enjoy the day on Cape Cod when all of a sudden a Great White decides you’re the next on the menu. You would probably pull out all of the stops to slip the noose just like this seal seen in this amazing clip from the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries.

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The footage, “White Shark 0, Seal 1” shows a seal dodging the iconic jaws of a Great White Shark off of Chatham by airing it out of the water and kicking off of the airborne shark in a fantastic display of survival instincts. The two make a break for the briny surface, and the seal is able to pull the old now-you-see-me, now-you-don’t, and lunge hard to the right while pushing the shark to the left in mid air.

Anything less than the perfect execution would have probably meant curtains for the seal, and the well-fed shark might have to work off a few pounds in order to be able to air it out like it did in this clip.

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