Mark Wahlberg, in a file phot.

Film actor and Boston native Mark Wahlberg said he now regrets his 2014 request to have his record expunged of an assault and battery conviction for which he spent 45 days in jail in the 1980s.


The star made the remarks Tuesday during a Q&A session at the Toronto Film Festival, where he was on hand to attend the premiere of his film “Deepwater Horizon.”


“It was one of those things where it was just kind of presented to me, and if I could’ve done it over again I would never have focused on that or applied,” told the audience, according to The Wrap.


Wahlberg reportedly wanted the record expunged so he could join the LAPD as a reservist, as his status as a felon prevented him from doing so.


That attack, which Wahlberg carried out at the age of 16, in 1989, reportedly left the victim, Hoa Trinh, blind in one eye. Wahlberg told the audience that he learned Trinh’s injuries were sustained more than a decade before the attack, when he met the family to apologize this year.


“I was relieved to find out that the injuries to his eye had occurred in the early ’70s and not from the incident that happened that night,” Wahlberg said. “But I was able to meet with him and his wife and his daughter and apologize for those horrific acts. Some good did come out of it.”

His request is still pending with state officials.