Tom Brady has always shown rival Peyton Manning great respect ... at least publicly. Getty Images

The Patriots and Tom Brady are known for being extremely tight-lipped and Brady, in particular, never bites at the opportunity to publicly blast an opponent. But fans got some insight into Brady’s mindset Wednesday when items from Brady’s Deflategate appeal– including some personal emails – were made public.

Brady responded to an email last fall from his friend, Kevin Brady, and took a jab at rival quarterback Peyton Manning. Kevin Brady brought up a piece which compared the two quarterbacks. The Patriots’ QB responded with a shot at Manning’s longevity. Via the Boston Globe:

“Thanks Popa,” Brady wrote to his friend on Nov. 1, 2014, just one day before the Patriots blasted Manning and the Broncos, 43-21. “I’ve got another 7 or 8 years. He has 2. That’s the final chapter. Game on.”

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