Notice "Pink Stripes" on the white board behind Ernie Adams.Getty Images

"Pink Stripes" has become New England Patriots fans'rallying cry early in the 2015 season.

The mysterious Ernie Adams, who is the Patriots' "Director of Football Research" and who has been by the side of Pats head coach Bill Belichick for over 30 years, is the mastermind behind the term. The night before the Patriots opened the 2015 season against the Pittsburgh Steelers, the documentary "Do Your Job: Bill Belichick and the 2014 Patriots" debuted on NFL Network. When Adams was featured in the documentary, the ominous phrase "Pink Stripes" was on display on the white board in Adams' office.

It was the first time Adams has ever been featured extensively on camera.

Adams' legend has grown over the years among die-hard Patriots fans because of stories like the following. From the Boston Globe this past February:


Hall of Fame coach Bill Parcells, when asked about Adams this week, was hard-pressed to recall anything about Adams even though Adams worked with the Tuna for six seasons.

“I can’t really tell you anything about him,’’ said Parcells. “I just don’t know the guy.’’

Informed that Adams was the New York Giants’ “director of pro personnel” in 1983 and ’84 — when Parcells was head coach of the team, Parcells said, “He was? I don’t remember that. I don’t remember him being on my staff.

“If he was on my coaching staff, I don’t remember what he was doing. I don’t have Alzheimer’s. I have a pretty good memory, and I didn’t have any interaction with him.’’

A quick YouTube search of "Pink Stripes" reveals only an odd video with long-haired babies playing instruments to theWhite Stripes song, "Ball and Biscuit."

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