Defensive tackle Marvin Wilson is the hottest college football recruit remaining.<Twitter

Marvin Wilson is the top player remaining in college recruitment who has not yet chosen a school.

Wilson was playing up the drama on Wednesday, retweeting someone who mentioned he has South Florida in his final five, retweeting an article that said he would pick Florida State over LSU, retweeting Ohio State football’s official Twitter, and retweeting Levi Jones’ decision to go to USC.

Ohio State made a huge push for Wilson, late and if he does decide to head to OSU, the Buckeyes would own one of the greatest recruiting classes of all-time. Urban Meyer already has cornerback Shaun Wade and safety Jeffrey Okudah, both top 10 recruits, locked up.

Wilson will let everyone know where he’s headed at 4:35 p.m. on ESPNU.

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