The 2015-16 Louisiana Tech women's basketball team.


It hasbeen five days since Tyler Summitt resigned as the head women's basketball coach at Louisiana Tech after admitting to an "inappropriate relationship." Numerous media outlets have said that Summitt resigned due to an affair with one of his players. Several media outlets have said that Summitt impregnated one of his players, but that has not yet been confirmed.

The identity of which player Summitt had the relationship with has not yet been confirmed either, but in some twisted game of "Basketball Affair Clue," we did find out who it wasn't recently. We think.Player Ashley Santos posted a picture of herself, midriff-exposed, on April 8 with the caption: "Rumors Squashed. Don't talk about what you don't know. #notprego #LetsMoveOn #LadyTechsterTerritory"

Santos also hinted that the player involved in the affair might beBrooke Pumroy.

@OUeatSleepParty tweeted to Santos: "Why is it always the Point Guard ?? Brooke is Busted. Apologies to @ASantos_33 if the rumors are true."


Santos replied to that tweet, "Thanks for the apology."

Santos and Pumroywere roomates together at Marquette.

"[Ashley] hasn't seen her," Lori Santos, Ashley's mother, told USA Today. "She hasn't spoken to her. Nothing."

Pumroy is not active on social media and the USA Today article said that Santos "did not know where Pumroy was."

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