The Red Line

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The weekend is here and the crisp autumn air makes going out and about in Boston a joy.

But the transit buzzkill looms. The MBTA has several service interruptions planned for the weekend and this is a fair warning to commuters.

BLUE LINE: Starting on Saturday, passengers will board and exit on the westbound platform of Bowdoin station.

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ORANGE LINE: Starting Sunday, buses will replace service in both directions from Sullivan Square to Oak Grove, meaning no rail service between Oak Grove, Malden Center, Wellington, Assembly, and Sullivan Square until Thursday, Oct. 1. This is due to the ongoing Winter Resiliency Improvement Program, where construction crews are beefing up the tracks and the mechanism for another potentially vicious, service-interrupting winter.

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RED LINE: Starting Saturday, Winter Resiliency Improvement Program crews will be out tuning things up on the bridge between JFK/UMass and North Quincy, and down into Quincy Center Stations. That means shuttles will carry passengers from JFK/UMass, North Quincy, Wollaston, and Quincy Center. Regular service will resume on Monday morning.

GREEN LINE: There are no planned interruptions for Boston’s most unpredictable trainline.

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