Emma Bloom

MBTA Transit Police

Police have arrested a Sharon woman who they say attacked an MBTA conductor when he attempted to collect her fare.

Around 10 p.m. on Monday, transit officers arrived at the Readville Commuter Station to investigate reports of a disorderly person, police stated. The train’s conductor pointed out Emma Bloom, 23, and said she had attacked him earlier in a dispute over her fare.

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When the conductor attempted to collect her money, Bloom refused to pay, and the conductor told her she would have to get off the train, according to authorities. Bloom then allegedly kicked, punched and bit the conductor, who said she also took out a knife and threatened to stab him.


Officers took Bloom into custody, and her arraignment at West Roxbury District Court was expected on Tuesday, police added. She will face charges of assault and battery and assault with a dangerous weapon.

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