Yellowstone National Park rests on the largest supervolcano on the continent — an active volcano— and spans approximately 2.2 million acres across Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. So there’s plenty of gorgeous, sometimes gurgling, ground to cover.


That’s where Yellowstone Vacations comes in. The bus tour company offers guided group rides for up to 15 passengers. Tours typically last hours, but can span several days, offering visitors more than just a glimpse at the park’s mountain ranges, waterfalls and canyons.


Visitors can expect to encounter the park’s wildlife, including grizzly bears, which may be spotted with cubs in tow, meandering along the edge of the road with their noses pressed to the ground, sniffing out food.


Wolves are more elusive, but naturalists say there are as many as 450 wolves in the greater Yellowstone ecosystem. Big game like bison and elk are more commonly spotted, and can often be seen grazing the hilly terrain.


But for the outdoorsy types who’ve already explored their fair share of ecosystems and wildlife, laying eyes on the park’s world-renowned geothermal features is a must.


The park’s geysers and hot springs are sprawled along the park’s volcanic caldera, sputtering and popping, gushing and gurgling. None are more famous than Old Faithful, which, regardless of the season, promises tons of tourists in addition to its punctuality.

For accommodations, The Explorer Cabins at Yellowstone Park in West Yellowstone, Montana, offers a cozy woodlands experience, complete with kitchenette and a communal fire pit. The grounds are just steps from the park’s west entrance, though the rural town offers family-friendly activities as well.

Across the street from the Explorer Cabins, which are operated by Delaware North Companies, is the Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center. The non-profit education center and sanctuary is home to six rescued bears and three wolf packs.