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Boston’s Best Cheap Eats for Under $5


If you’re looking for delicious, mouth-watering meals without breaking the bank, these local food experts have got you covered. Ahead, ten Boston-area chefs and foodies share their go-to grubs spots for under $5. Bon appétit!

1. Suzi Maitland, Executive Chef; Trina’s, Parlor, Audubon & The Paddle Inn

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The potato knish at Mamaleh’s. They’re $4 and so filling! Perfect on a really cold winter day.

One Kendall Square, Cambridge, mamalehs.com

2. Ken Oringer, Owner; Toro, Little Donkey, UNI & Coppa

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This might go a little over budget, but I’d say Clover Food Lab’s Cauliflower Sandwich. It’s all vegetarian but loaded with flavor, messy and delicious. If you really have to keep it under $5, I’d say the taquitos from 7-Eleven.

Multiple locations, cloverfoodlab.com7-eleven.com

3. Robert Differ, Pastry Chef, Bar Boulud

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The cheeseburger at Charlie’s Kitchen in Harvard Square. It’s very messy — which means it’s very good. You could stop there at $5, but I’d spring for the fries and a beer, too.

10 Eliot St., Cambridge, charlieskitchen.com

4. Matt Hummel, Chef de Cuisine, Tiger Mama

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Tedeschi’s buffalo-chicken-salad sandwich with Cool Ranch Doritos. If you’re daring, you can put the Doritos in the sandwich for textural reasons. I finish it off with a Nestle Chipwich. Best consumed in bed, or as I call it: Cafe Sadness. There’s always a table for one.

Various locations, tedeschifoodshops.com

5. Andy Husbands, Owner; The Smoke Shop & Tremont 647

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When I lived in Dorchester, my favorite cheap eat was the Double Double from Singh’s Roti Shop. It’s a spicy chickpea roti that had a real kick to it. I still crave it now, so even though I don’t live in the neighborhood anymore, I still go by and grab it on occasion. Word to the wise — always grab extra napkins, you’ll need them!

692 Columbia Road, Dorchester, 617-282-7977, singhsrotishop.net

6. Jess Willis, COO, The Independent Restaurant Group

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A slice of Bianchi’s pizza, eaten while sitting on the wall at Revere Beach.

322 Revere Beach Blvd., Revere, 781-284-9471

7. Douglass Williams, Owner; MIDA

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I could eat Mexican food all day, every day. I love the texture, the spice and the love put into making it. Best meal under $5 goes to the Lengua tacos at Chilacates for sure.

224 Amory St., 617-522-6000

8. Geoff Thompson, Beer Czar; Foundry on Elm, Saloon

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The pretzels at Harpoon Brewery’s Beer Hall are insanely tasty. They come in a variety of sweet and savory flavors with tons of dipping sauces — aiolis, mustards, cheese.

306 Northern Ave., harpoonbrewery.com

9. Vanessa White, Founder, Jaju Pierogi

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Take your pick at the Super 88 [AKA Hong Kong Supermarket] food court in Allston.

1095 Commonwealth Ave., Allston, hongkonghypermarket.com

10. Izzy Berdan, Creative Director, Aquitaine Group

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If you understand the concept of traveling through food, you will love Yely’s Coffee Shop. It’s a tiny corner in a building that will send you right back to Puerto Rico or the Dominican with a $5 plate! There are no menus, there are no signs and sometimes no one who speaks English. What they do have is a counter filled with amazing island food. Just go in, wait in line and when you get to the counter tell them you want a $5 plate and point at what looks good and they will assemble.

284 Centre St., Jamaica Plain 617-524-2204

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