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Boxed Water hopes to ride wave of bottle-bans to success

There was a time when we thought being responsible meant drinking water and recycling the bottle it came in.

But today, a growing mass of evidence is pointing to how harmful the bottled water industry is for the economy and ecology of the modern world. Whether it’s the amount of gas it takes to ship the water — the documentary film Tapped estimates that in the U.S. alone, 18 million barrels of oil are used every year to transport bottled water — or the toxins present in the plastic bottles, there is a realization that bottled water puts a serious strain on the environment.

Entrepreneur Benjamin Gott sensed the tide was turning on bottled water back in March of 2008, so he came up with a brilliant concept that was previously non-existent in this $16-billion bottled water industry — boxed water.

The 950-milliliter containers are made from 85 per cent environmentally sustainable materials. Like bottled water brands Dasani and Aquafina, Boxed Water is purified tap water.

Since the containers are collapsible, shipping the cartons greatly reduces the carbon imprint generated from shipping plastic bottles.

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