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Boxer has 2012 Games in sights

Calgary professional by day. Olympic-bound female boxer by night.

Living what some would call a double life, Erin Woodrow, 26, is a Suncor oil and gas business professional who recently captured the National title in the 54-kg weight category and is well on her way to her 2012 Olympic dream.

“Next up is the Olympics and it’s closer than ever now. That’s always been the goal, and also winning a national title,” Woodrow said, adding she is the first female from Newfoundland to win the title.

Training for hours daily before and after work, Woodrow is also doing night classes to finish her master’s degree in commerce, and says time management is almost tougher than the bouts.

“It’s pretty hectic and sometimes I wonder what I’m doing, but then I realize it’s all really worth it. I’ve always loved boxing.”

Woodrow began boxing as a teenager, won at the intermediate level, but dropped it for a few years until she moved to Calgary and joined the Impact Boxing Gym led by owner and trainer Louie Raposo.

“I think her success stems from her dedication and work ethic. She is a very hard worker, she is a quick learner and she stays very focused,” a proud Raposo said.

“She’s like my daughter. I wasn’t going to train her at first but I’m glad I did.”

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