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Boy sent bill for party he didn’t attend, learns RSVPs are serious business

A little boy in Cornwall, UK, has learned a valuable life lesson: One should always take RSVP’s very seriously, or suffer the consequences of possible legal action.

Alex Nash, five-years-old, was reportedly sent a £15.95 bill by the mother of a schoolmate, whose birthday party Nash blew off without letting the mother know. Nash was apparently double-booked (ugh we’ve all been there, Alex), and chose to spend the day with his grandparents instead.

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Nash’s parents, who are refusing to pay, could be taken to small (ridiculous) claims court for the bill.

The BBC is so invested in this story; they had a legal correspondent comment on the legality of going to small (silly) claims court for failing to attend a child’s birthday party. The correspondent told the BBC:

“Any claim would be on the basis that a contract had been created, which included a term that a “no show” fee would be charged.

However, for there to be a contract, there needs to be an intention to create legal relations. A child’s party invitation would not create legal relations with either the child “guest” or its parents.

If it is being argued that the contract is with the child, it is inconceivable that a five-year-old would be seen by a court as capable of creating legal relations and entering into a contract with a “no show” charge.

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It’s amusing to imagine what a children’s party invitation seeking to create a contract might say: “I, the ‘first party’, hereinafter referred to as the ‘birthday boy’, cordially invite you the ‘second party’, hereinafter referred to as ‘my best friend’, to the party of ‘the first party’.”

What was the party that little Alex Nash skipped out on? Apparently Nash (and his parents) chose hanging out with his grandparents over a day of skiing, snowboarding, sledding and all sorts of snowy shenanigans.

So let this be a lesson to children of all ages, if you RSVP to a five-year-old’s birthday party, you better freaking show up.

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