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BPD crime data shows homicides down, but instances with two or more gunshot victims on the rise


Newly-releasedBoston Policecrime numbers show that while gun-related homicides are down, more people are being shot during shooting incidents in the city.

There have been 19 gun-related homicides in 2015, compared to 28 for the same period in 2014. Shootings are up to 176 this year from 144 in 2014.

Non-fatal shootings have also increased, jumping to 157 in 2015 from 116 in 2014.

Another glaring statistic is the increase in the number of multiple people hit in a shooting incident. Instances of a single person shot in 2015 is down to 103 from 112 in 2014. But instances in which two or more people have been shot is up to 22 from 14 last year.

There were no reported instances where three people were shot in 2014 — so far there have been five instances this year. There was one quadruple shooting in 2014, and there have been two this year.

Both 2014 and 2015 saw no instances were five people were shot all at once, but there has been one instance of six people being shot in 2015.

There are two non-fatal shootings being investigated by the T police as well.

There have been 288 firearm-related arrests this year, and there 309 in 2014. These numbers include default warrant arrests for past firearms charges and arrests for assault and battery with firearms where no guns were recovered as well as straight firearms arrest with gun recovery.

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According to Universalhub.com, Boston Police have never included data relating to multiple shootings in the periodic gun-related stats.

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“The commissioner has acknowledged the uptick in gun violence,” a BPD spokesman said. “But we are seeing a decrease in homicides from this year and last year.”

As for the incidents involving multiple people shot, the police can only speculate.

“Unless we make an arrest and ask the shooter why it is that so many people are hit in a single incident, we can only guess,” the spokesman said. “It may be a case of multiple intended targets. It may also be a case of innocent bystanders getting caught in the line of fire.”

So far, there have been a total of 21 murders in Boston in 2015. Initially BPD reported only 18 homicides in 2015, but after a call from a reporter, revised the number to 21. There were 36 murders by this time last year.

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