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Brad Pitt and Angelina squabbling on terrible, awful $1 million vacation

Today was always going to be awkward in the Jolie-Pitt household, what with Brad being nominated for an Oscar as a producer of”The Big Short” while their latest passion project, “By the Sea” — which Angelina also directed — getting completely shut out by the Academy. But apparently that’s just background noise to the more pressing issue: The couple is currently having a terrible, terrible vacation. And not a cheap one, either.

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The trouble started when Pitt, allegedly already miffed at Jolie about rumors of her flirting with a “hunky male crew-member”coming out of the Cambodianset of her next film, booked a little vacation for just the two of them in Vietnam to reconnect, according to Radar Online.“He hoped that he and Angie could re-ignite the spark between them, but all they did was scream at each other,” a source says.“Angie even humiliated Brad by telling him she’s no longer attracted to him because he looks fat, bloated and old.Brad and Angie were fighting like cats and dogs. It got so bad at one point that Angie bolted and ran off” for some solo time at a fancy spa.

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Since clearly that vacation didn’t work, Pitt doubled down on an even fancier one — this time in Thailand, with their kids along for the ride — in hopes of finally, truly patching things up. He even reportedly rented an $18,000 a night villa for the getaway. Foolproof, right? Wrong.“Brad was hoping the whole family could bond, but that didn’t work out either,”another source explains.“Despite a luxurious holiday that cost $1 million, Brad and Angie are worse off than ever. The vacation solidified the belief that their marriage is beyond repair. A divorce is definitely coming this year.” Yikes.

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