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Brad Pitt reunited with his kids, and it was great

Brad Pitt is doing the work of mending his relationship with his two eldest sons, Maddox, 15, and Pax, 13.

Ever since the Pitt’s alleged, maybe drunken altercation with Maddox, an incident that led to Angelina Jolie’s divorce filing, the actor’s relationship with his sons has basically been in shambles. But as an insider reveals to InTouch, the family has made a breakthrough. “Along with their younger siblings, Maddox and Pax had an overnight visit with their father.” Yay!

Pitt was previously granted unsupervised visits with his children, but only the youngest four — Zahara, 12, Shiloh, 10, and Knox and Vivienne, 8, — would stay the night. But in early April, the whole family had an overnight stay at Pitt’s Los Feliz home, complete with a meal home cooked by Pitt’s personal chef.  All it took to bring the family back together was a lengthy child services investigation, followed by some much needed space during a custody battle, and months of therapy.

According to the source, who honestly could be Brad Pitt himself, the children’s nannies were on hand during the overnight visit, as recommended by the family therapist. “Brad has no need to have his own nannies right now,” the source said. Jolie employs them, though, because she is the one with sole physical custody of the children.

It’s a good thing that the 53-year-old is spending more time with his children. It was almost starting to seem like he had too much time on his hands, and as if maybe, just maybe, the loneliness was chewing away at his insides. He’s been sculpting while listening to Bon Iver, which is basically really catchy funeral parlor music (that’s a compliment). He flirted with Sienna Miller. He maybe secretly dated Kate Hudson. He called up Jennifer Aniston a bunch of times. It’s a mess.

But William Bradley, don’t you know? You can’t find happiness in hot ladies — you gotta find it within yourself.



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