Brandon Marshall hung up on ugly play in Jets’ loss to Eagles – Metro US

Brandon Marshall hung up on ugly play in Jets’ loss to Eagles

Brandon Marshall traded to Jets for mid-level draft pick
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Brandon Marshall may have been using hyperbole a bit when he called his failed lateral flip this past Sunday the “worst play in NFL history” but there is no denying that the New York Jets wide receiver felt bad.

Really bad. And still does.

The play came midway through the second quarter when Marshall tried to extend a 15-yard reception by flipping the ball to his teammate, tight end Jeff Cumberland. The problem was that it wasn’t Cumberland but a member of the Philadelphia Eagles, who recovered the flip and several plays late sent running back Darren Sproles into the end zone for a 24-0 leader.

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And it stung for Marshall, especially since the Jets were getting a little momentum and piecing together a drive. Considering their comeback to make it a 24-17 scoreline, that flip might have been the difference in the game.

“I spent the last 24 hours thinking about why? Why did I pitch the ball back … I never wanted to crawl under something so quickly,” Marshall said on Tuesday’s airing of ‘Inside the NFL’ which appears on Showtime. “I saw the bench and I said, ‘Man, only if I could crawl under that bench right now’.”

To his credit, Marshall has owned up to the play and he also hasperformedfor the Jets this year. Acquired in an offseason trade, he leads the Jets in receptions, receiving yards and touchdowns.