Breakdancers bust their best moves – Metro US

Breakdancers bust their best moves

The iHuman Youth Society hosted an all-ages B-boy and B-girl dance competition yesterday for the Ho Nuva Level event.

“What we do through iHuman, and our goal, is to use hip-hop as an avenue for the youth to express themselves,” said Brianna Olson, social worker for the iHuman Youth Society.

B-boy or B-girl dancing is the technical term for the branch of hip-hop dance covered under breakdancing, and this competition is one of the few in Edmonton.

“We’re just trying to showcase that hip-hop can be used as a positive tool,” said Matthew Wood, host and organizer of the event and local B-boy DJ in Edmonton. “And this just showcases that there are kids out there with mad talent, and these kids work hard. They practise all the time.”

Wood said that the diversity of the youths’ ages, situations, and backgrounds, as well as their dedication, is among the most unique aspects of the competition.

“You really have to prepare a lot for your routines,” said Jacob Jung, a student at the University of Alberta. “I came here to have fun … I do it actually every day, but I keep it balanced with my schoolwork and everything.”