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Breaking out the baking soda


Joanne Alderson, actress, plays Brooke on the Smart Woman Survival Guide airing on the W Network:

Q: What products that you use make you look and feel good?

A: Crème de la Mer. It costs an arm and a leg but nothing hydrates my face better! It also makes my skin seem more plump and elastic.

And baking soda — yup, cheap and simple. It’s the best facial exfoliator I’ve ever used. Mix with water or Cetaphil cleanser to make a thick paste.

Lip gloss … I’m addicted to lip gloss! Chanel, MAC and Revlon are my faves.

Q: Describe your style.

A: I would describe my style as unpredictable. The minute after I’ve vowed to spend my life in sweats I get a sudden urge to throw on a corset dress and stilettos. I love high fashion with a little hip hop flavour.

Q: How do you keep life in perspective?

A: I’m the type of person who worries about the small stuff constantly.

When I see people sleeping on the subway grates, that makes me feel really fortunate. I also believe in the power of prayer. No matter who you worship, it’s comforting to truly believe that someone is guiding and looking out for us.


Craig Sharpe, runner-up in the 2006 Canadian Idol competition, his debut CD is called I Am:

Q: What products that you use make you look and feel good?

A: I use Pearl White toothpaste daily, Crest White Strips Premium for two weeks twice a year and I always use Aussie Scrunch hairspray because of its great quality and awesome smell!

Q: Describe your style.

A: A combination of dressed up and laid back at the same time. I wear a lot of American Eagles Outfitters clothing. I catch up on the latest trends by reading magazines.

Q: How do you keep life in perspective?

A: I take life one day at a time. I like to have fun, be normal and sing. Criticism and negativity don’t bother me. Everyone in show business is criticized. I use the criticism to my advantage and work harder.

Q: What are your healthy eating habits?

A: I’m a teenager who loves McDonald’s. I also can’t get enough of my mom’s home cooking. She always tries to get me to eat more veggies.


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