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Brewery making case for site’s demolition

While many communities groups have been outspoken about the potential demolition of the old Molson Brewery in Inglewood, Ron Mathison of Matco Investments, owner of the site, has been silent about what his plans are.

Eileen Stan spoke on behalf of Mathison yesterday, saying his decision to tear down the buildings was made because they are not salvageable.

“It’s structural failure because of age, water damage due to neglect of previous owners and ongoing maintenance issues,” said Stan.

The buildings in concern range in age from 1892 to 1954, said Stan.

Stan said that Mathison has already put $1 million into the structure to address safety issues and will put $1 million more into tearing down the old buildings.

Stan also said that Mathison has no plans to develop on the site right now, but may in the future.

Clint Robertson, a heritage planner with the City of Calgary, said that the site should be preserved.

“It’s not only the oldest industrial complex in Calgary, it was one of the most important and always a foundation of the Inglewood community.”

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