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Bride gone bananas auctions off spots in her bridal party


One Bridezilla has figured out how to take the agony and dread of being asked to be a bridesmaid and made it about a thousand times worse — force your “friends” to bid for a spot in your wedding party.

The bride’s 33-year-old sister posted the tale on Reddit under the username SistersBridesmaid.

“My sister was always very spoiled by our parents since she’s the youngest of four kids and my mom had thought she wouldn’t be able to have any more kids,” the shocked sister wrote.

“Don’t get me wrong, she can be very sweet and caring too, but she’s just a very immature high maintenance person. Basically, she got engaged a couple of months ago and will be getting married at the end of August.

“Anyway, she still hasn’t chosen her bridesmaids. Instead, she has sent out dozens of…invitations, to various girls. It’s an invite to attend and participate in a ‘bidding auction’ on the six spots in her bridal party.”

“Whichever six of all these chicks bid the most will be the bridesmaids,” SistersBridesmaid continued. “There’s also an auction for being her maid of honor. My sister and her fiancé are using the money to fund the wedding and honeymoon.”

The beflustered sibling said her 22-year-old bride-to-be sister sent the invites to many ladies who aren’t even close friends.

She also said the groom is rich, so the couple really doesn’t need to basically crowdsource their nuptials.

“She just has a really big social circle from parties and I guess she invited everyone she even vaguely knows,” the original poster commented.

“I just find this really awkward and tacky. She’s basically having people pay to be in her wedding.”

“I told my sister they weren’t lacking for funds because it’s obvious and she just said, ‘Well, if they’ll already be bidding, we figure we should put their money towards a great event for everyone’ as though this is an act of service she’s doing for them. It’s totally nonsensical.”

But wait. There’s more!

SistersBridesmaid said: “Now my sister is throwing a tantrum that I haven’t RSVPed to the ‘auction,’ and got our mom on her side too.

“My mom says I will ‘look bad if I don’t put in a bid when it’s my own sister’ and called me selfish.”

Reaching out to Reddit for advice, the bewildered community commented on the bizarre story.

“In my opinion her sister is highly manipulative,” one user wrote. “The nutters are those willing to actually pay to be in her wedding party. Why would anyone do this? I can’t wrap my brain around it.”

Another said, “Sister wants to measure how much these people ‘love’ her, with actual dollar signs.”

Another confused commenter who didn’t understand why the girl isn’t automatically her sister’s Maid of Honor wrote: “What a shit-show. Emily Post is probably rolling over in her grave.”

“I want to see the Judge Judy where the wedding is called off and a bridesmaid sues for her money back,” yet another Reddizen commented.

Now that’s something we might pay to watch.

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